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  • Testimonials

    Kerri and Brendon Ronson

    I’ve now had my home for 6 months and I can’t thank you enough for the support you provided. This home has made a significant difference in my family life and I appreciate all the help you have provided to me, my family and Habitat for Humanity.

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    Mary and Chris Storey

    Dear Mr. Lubnow,

    We wanted to thank you for your work, it was fast, extremely efficient and made it much less stressful for Chris and I. Everyone you sent over were polite and did an amazing job! Again, thank you for plowing us out, another kind gesture.

    Meant most sincerely,

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    The Dadson Family

    To Mike and all workers involved,

    Your company Lubnow Restoration did a fantastic job rebuilding our garage after being badly damaged by a tree, looks better than it ever did! All the extras from packing to extras with clean ups, warranty on your work, fantastic! Everyone did go above and beyond. Highly recommended.

    All the best for 2014,

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