Need to file a claim?

When a disaster happens we understand there is a lot on your mind. In order for you to better understand the type of information we will require, we have provided a sample of some of the questions we will ask;

  • When did the loss occur?
  • Have you contacted your insurance company?
  • If it is a fire, has it been released by the fire department? Do you require emergency board up?
  • If it is a water loss, do you know where the water originated from? (i.e. floor drain, toilet overflow, etc.)
  • Are there pets living in the home? If yes, what are they and how many?
  • How many rooms are affected?
  • Do you know the approximate size of the affected area? (i.e. 500 SF, 2000 SF)
  • What type of floor coverings, if any, have been affected?
  • How much furniture/contents are in the affected area?
  • How do we access the affected areas from the exterior?

All of these questions will help us to determine the right amount of equipment and supplies to bring so we can get you back on track as quickly as possible.

For more information, email us at admin [at]

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