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  • Mould Removal and Remediation

    The identification of mould growth can be a scary moment for a business or homeowner.   “Who should I call?” “What should I do?”  “Is my health at risk?”  If left untreated, mould can pose some serious health risks. 

    Water damage as a result of flooding, sewer back-ups, faulty plumbing, roof leaks, damp basements, bathrooms and kitchens with poor ventilation are a hotbed for mould growth.  Moisture detection and control is the first priority.     

    Our team of trained, certified mould removal and remediation experts can help ease the anxiety of an otherwise uneasy situation.  Allow us to help identify the source of the issue and eliminate it following strict industry and government removal guidelines.  We will ensure your business or home is safe for you, your colleagues or family to re-enter with confidence. 

    The importance of a timely response to any water damage is necessary to prevent progressive material damage, amplification of microorganisms and to minimize adverse health effects.

    – IICRC S500 (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification)