Fire Damage


Of all disasters, Lubnow Restoration DKI understands that a fire, no matter the size, can be most devastating to you and your family. Within minutes or even seconds, flames and smoke destroy structure and contents including personal items of irreplaceable memories and important documents...something you want people who know what they are doing with sensitive restoration.
The unique behaviours of various kinds of smoke, make fire damage control and restoration a complex, complicated procedure. Smoke not only causes visible damage to house structure and contents, but flows through plumbing systems and in behind walls as well.  Smoke webs caused by wet smoke (created by low, smouldering heat) have a strong pungent odour that permeates into cloth furnishings and walls leaving a sticky, gooey residue that is difficult to clean.
A protein based fire produces smoke that is virtually invisible.  Discolouring paints and varnishes, it too, has a pungent, hard to remove odour. Fuel oil soot caused by furnace puff backs and other types of smoke from fire all effect the type of fire restoration process necessary.
We have the extensive knowledge and expertise to quickly assess and mitigate further loss. We understand the various states of damage, the limitations of recovery and which items need to be addressed first to efficiently, and effectively get you on the road of restoration.


Rebuilding your home and your future is supported by a fully staffed reconstruction division at Lubnow Restoration DKI.
In the event your home needs to be completely rebuilt, we are one of the few contractors in this area that is Tarion registered.  We really are a full service restoration contractor.
If complete rebuild is determined and granted, our project management team is still guiding and reviewing all stages of the project with you.  We want to make sure you are involved in the preparation stage, able to select your finishing items (paint, flooring and fixtures), and have somewhere to express your input. You are provided with the allowances for these items and then at your discretion select what you desire for your home (additional costs may apply and should be discussed with your project manager).  We strive to ensure you understand the necessary steps so you can move into your home completely assured and satisfied.

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