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Content Processing

Restoring your belongings is just as important as restoring your home.

The ability to dry and restore contents, as opposed to completely replacing them, can save customers thousands of dollars, not to mention important documents, original art and precious heirlooms. Failure or delay in laundering, drying and restoring contents can mean excessive damage and inability for the item to be restored at all.

Lubnow Restoration is an expert in contents restoration, which can include:

  • Documents
  • Furniture
  • Machinery
  • Electronics
  • Valuables
  • Artwork
  • Musical Instruments
  • Photos and keepsakes
  • Books

Once a plan of action for the site has been determined, Lubnow’s teams can work on the restoration of your contents either on site, or in our secure, climate-controlled facility. Where specialty services are required, such as artwork, Lubnow will bring together and manage a team of qualified service providers to clean and restore all contents.

No matter what the size, the material, or the object, Lubnow can help you with your contents restoration needs. To find out more, contact us today.