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Asbestos Removal

At Lubnow Restoration, we have a team of trained and certified asbestos removal experts.

The word asbestos is almost cringe worthy.  The health risks and the unknown costs of remediation are enough to scare anyone.  There are three levels of operations when it comes to tackling an asbestos job.  The risk, protective measures and procedures become increasingly stringent as you move from Type 1 through Type 3.  Having a proper plan including preparation of work area, dust control, personal protective clothing, equipment, clean-up and waste removal are critical. 

This is why you’ll want to connect with our team of asbestos remediation and removal experts. Our team of trained, certified asbestos removal and remediation experts can help ease the anxiety of an otherwise uneasy situation.  Allow us to help identify the source of the issue and eliminate it following strict industry and government removal guidelines.  We will ensure your business or home is safe for you, your colleagues or family to re-enter with confidence.